Tropical Beauties - Donna Lewis

Hi fellow crafters.

Do you lust over the wonderful bouquet stamps sets that are out there? I know I do. There have been some absolutely gorgeous releases over the past few years.

I have made some bouquet cards today from individual flower stamps in the Hummingbird Garden stamp set. This set features different sized flowers and leaves, so it is perfect for creating bouquets.

To create a mixed arrangement, all you really need is a little masking paper, or some regular paper and some removable adhesive.

When mixing images, you need to remember to start from the front. So, in the case of the card above, I first stamped and gold embossed the two Hibiscus flowers. I then stamped them again in regular ink onto the masking paper, and cut them out close to the edge of the design. I laid the two masks over the hibiscus, and started stamping the leaves and frangipani flowers, again working from front to back. The lowest leaf in the centre of the car was stamped last, as it is behind everything.

Once I had the images all stamped and embossed in gold, I coloured the image using my watercolour markers. I love watercolouring embossed images, because the raised embossed edges really help with staying within the lines!

This next card created the bouquet in a different way. I first stamped and coloured all the parts of my image with Copics. I prepared my card base by repeat stamping the bamboo from the Mixed Media 2 stamp set, keeping the background tone on tone, so that it wouldn’t overpower the main image. I then played around with the arrangement of flowers and leaves until I had something I was pleased with.

I used tape to adhere everything to the card, including foam tape for the top layer You can see the dimension in the photo below, showing the different heights of the layers. The sentiment for all three cards is the same – A lovely Day.

This final card is made in the same way as the first card. Instead of embossing powder, I used a watercolour safe ink, and got straight onto the colouring. This time I made a vertical arrangement, and I started my stamping and masking with the lower of the two hibiscus flowers, and working way way out from there.

I created a halo effect around the bouquet by dropping a range of strong blues close to the flowers, and watering the colour down towards the edges. I google images of different hibiscus and frangipani to find this colour scheme.

Overall, I was able to create three different bouquets, something I wouldn’t have been able to do with a bigger stamp, and I think these cards will be suitable for many different occasions, including birthdays, which is what I use the most of in my card giving. I give away all my cards to friends and family, so it’s good to have a few in my stash for different occasions.

I hope this has encouraged you to get masking and creating your own scenes, whether they be bouquets, or other scenes.

Until next time, may your days be full of flowers.


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