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Good morning 
Have you seen the new goodies that are at Paper Rose??
Lots of little bags of pretties for shaker cards. Yippee!!
So if you're wondering how to make a shaker card, they 
are actually quite simple to do.
You need to die cut out 4 or 5 of the same piece. I have used 
Glue together three of these coverplates. Then using tape, tape 
some strong plastic or acetate down on top of the third 
coverplate. You then tape down the final die cut coverplate 
on top of the plastic or acetate making sure it all 
matches up and you don't see any tape.
Turn the die cut over and sprinkle with 18915 Pastel Stars Shaker Mix. You don't need a lot because if it is too full they 
won't be able to move about easily. Tape the edge of the die 
cut coverplate and place your card on top pushing down firmly 
so that it seals well and you don't have any stars escaping.
I have then added some matching flowers to the card and a 
For the sentiment I have stamped onto velum 
using 18825 Berry ink and a sentiment from the 

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  • Susan

    I love this card and hope to make it when I do my next order and buy
    those sweet pretty little stars. The colours are so soft and girlie.
    Suitable for any age.

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