Loosey Goosey Watercolour - Donna Lewis

Hello my crafty friends. I have a set of three very loose watercoloured cards to share with you today. I usually like to colour with a lot more structure, but sometimes, you just have to splash a little paint around! This is very easy to do if watercolour is intimidating. It’s taken me a while to get this post up, thanks to a computer crash that left my poor MacBook unable to even remember what an apple was! But it’s all fixed now, and so I hope you enjoy these cards as much I enjoy not running recovery software on my computer!
I know there are a lot of people who are nervous about watercolour or who are are worried about letting it do its thing but it’s not that scary as long as you remember that it’s going to look bad before it looks good! There is nothing more terrifying than half dry paint. Anyone who has painted rooms will know what I’m talking about. These cards use a variety of stamps, heat embossed in white, then loosely coloured by first wetting the paper ( I used watercolour paper for all three cards), then dropping colour in.
The three stamps I used are Orchid Bloom, Spring Blooms, and Milly’s Bouquet, three of my favourite floral bouquet stamps. You can find all the supplies listed below, with pictures of each of these stamps.
I did the watercoloring in two layers – a soft overall layer, in which I wet the card and dropped in paler versions of each of the colours on the card and let them spread out over the surface, and then a deeper layer of colour, which I made by rewetting the card, and then dropping in darker colour, concentrating on where the flowers and leaves were for each image.
Each of the cards has a slightly different colour scheme and a different level of looseness, as well as different amount of paints used. All have at least a little spatter, because it’s so much fun to do.
These are fun cards to make that take some of the need to achieve out of watercolouring . I hope you give it a try!
Until next time, may your days be full of fun and colour.

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