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Good morning friends
Time to share some more Paper Rose cards with you.
On these cards I have only used one stamp set.  17001 Into the Woods stamp set comes with one image stamp and six phrases.
This just shows you how different cards can look with the same stamp and different backgrounds. All these backgrounds have been done using distress oxides. I did the backgrounds first and then once dry I stamped my images onto the card.
On this card I have put distress oxide onto my messy mat, sprayed it with a little water and then painted it onto the white paper with a brush.
The background on this card was done by using a scrunched up plastic bag. The oxide was dabbed onto my messy mat then sprayed with a little water. I then scrunched up a bag and dabbed it into the watery oxide and then onto my card. I used five different distress oxide colours to make this background.
This card background was created by mixing two distress oxide colours onto my messy mat, spraying it with water and then placing my card face down onto the ink, I moved the card around to mix the colours a little.
Thanks for stopping by my blog, hopefully you got some inspiration from these cards.
xx Tanya

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