Friendship Mouse Card - Natalie Walsh

Hi there!
I have a little bit of diffused embossing, I think that is what it is called.
Paper Rose
Distress Ink
 Rustic Wilderness
I wanted to explain what I did with the embossing for those who may not know how to do this. 
I got 2 pieces of chipboard and glued them together, this is only because I thought it wasn't thick enough. I gauged this on trying to get it thick enough to replace one platform of my Big Shot machine.
After it was dried, I drew what I wanted to cut out. The image I had in mind was like he was sheltering under a tree. After cutting it out, I placed it with my piece of card stock where I wanted it and used the thick white plate and one of the clear plates. You will need to adjust this to your machine depending on your chipboard. This might mean adding shim or playing with the plates. Big Shots have flaps you can remove depending on if you are embossing or die cutting, so these can be helpful, if needed.
B99, B97, B95, B93
G99, G94, G82
Flower Centre
Y28, Y26, Y21
R37, R35, R32
W5, W3, W1 R30( inside Ears)
Mouse Nose
Snail & Ladybug
E74, E71
Let me know if you would like a video on this card. I completed it while away and didn't have everything available. xx

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