Ella's Garden - Norine Borys

Hi there, my name is Norine Borys.  On Instagram I’m Norine Hope.  That’s my middle name.  There, that’s one confusing thing out of the way.
I have been interested in crafting of one kind or another from a small child.  My paper crafting began though, in 1997 and I scrapbooked for many years.  More recently, 
I started card-making, because the canvas is smaller, the opportunity to try new techniques is hugely diverse and because I thought it would be a lot quicker.  Sadly, the last one hasn’t born out! I’m a Canadian, living with my 1st husband, in the US, having raised 4 children together, now blessed for our efforts with 2 darling grand-babies.  
My favorite type of card-making involves florals and watercolor, but I also love cute critters and Copic marker coloring.  Besides paper crafting, I dabble in knitting, crochet, embroidery, rug hooking, punch-needle, macrame and a tiny bit of quilting. 
You can find me at www.thevelvetlemon.com and on Instagram @norinehope and on Facebook at Norine Borys.
Paper Rose Products used in the following cards:
Ella’s Garden Scribble Leaves
Ella’s Garden Rose Bouquet
Medium Eucalyptus Branch
Eucalyptus Outline Branch
Mother’s Day Quotes

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