Dancing Reindeer Card - Karen McKibbin

Hello again, I've got an interactive card today inspired by the amazing Jennifer McGuire.  Hopefully, you can see it it action in the short video above. 
Paper Rose supplies used:  Starry Night 6x6" Stencil 19802, Jumping Reindeer Metal Cutting Die 17817, Merry Christmas Chunky Metal Die Set 19511. Other supplies:  Acetate, alcohol inks, beads, gold mirror cardstock, DecoFoil Metallix gel in Champagne, holographic glitter.
This card actually started from my stash of backgrounds that I keep in a box.  I had created the alcohol inked background, but wasn't sure what to do with it.  I added the Metallix gel over the Starry Night stencil to the inked background, and before I removed the stencil, I sprinkled on some of the holographic glitter. Then I removed the stencil and washed it.  Once the background had dried, I trimmed it down to be a 4 1/2" square. The glitter added a slight grainy texture to the card front, and since I wanted to try making the reindeer swing following Jennifer McGuire's instructions (here's a link to her video for pendulum cards), I decided to add an acetate cover.  I cut a piece of acetate that was 5 x 5" and scored it on all four edges 1/4" in from the outside edge.  Using a bone folder, I creased each of the fold lines, folding the edges under.  I attached the acetate to the back of the alcohol inked card with double sided adhesive tape.
Next, I cut the reindeer die twice from white cardstock and once from the gold mirror cardstock, and glued them together.  I also cut the outline reindeer die from a navy cardstock.  I glued the gold reindeer onto the outline die cut. 
To create the pendulum mechanism, I cut a piece of acetate that was approximately 2" long and 1/2" wide, and used a piece of double sided tape to attach a penny to the bottom end.  The penny gives the acetate weight and allows it to swing.  I decided where I wanted the reindeer to be positioned on the card front and marked where the center of his head would be on the acetate square.  I used my smallest circle die, about 3/4", and die cut over this mark.  I placed a small circle of doubled up foam tape at the top of the acetate pendulum and aligned the square front over this so the foam tape came through the die cut opening.  On the front, I removed the backing from the circle of foam tape and placed the head of the reindeer over the foam tape, securing it in place.  Then I added doubled up foam tape all around the back edges, making sure the pendulum could swing freely. 
Back of the pendulum piece
Next,  I created a card base that measured 6 1/4" x 4 3/4".  I attached a piece of gold mirror cardstock to the front.  The sentiment was cut from white cardstock twice and once more from the gold cardstock and adhered together.  I cut the outline from the same navy cardstock and glued the sentiment onto this.  I positioned the sentiment at the bottom of the card front and glued it in place.  Next I removed the backing from the double sided foam on my reindeer piece, and positioned this on the card front.  To stop the pendulum from swinging as I positioned it, I had temporarily taped the reindeer in place on the front with low tack tape.  Finally, I added some beads to the reindeer and had a play with it.  It really is fun to watch him swing back and forth!
Thank you for stopping by and I hope you're having a great day!

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