Prismacolor Premier® Erasers

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Three premium erasers to help you tackle any erasing task.
The Prismacolor Kneaded Eraser erases cleanly, and picks up unwanted residue. This versatile eraser can be molded into any shape, and is excellent for removing colored pencil, chalk, charcoal, and pastel.
  • Malleable eraser can be kneaded into any shape for easy removal of small details or large areas
  • Excellent for removing colored pencil, chalk, charcoal and pastel
The Prismacolor Art Gum® Eraser is great for getting rid of any unwanted smudges or smears. Its block-shape whittles away to leave a fine powder that dry cleans the surface by picking up graphite and dirt.
  • Quickly removes graphite and other dry media
  • Dual-purposed, acting as both a non-abrasive eraser and dry cleaner
  • Block shape ideal for erasing small or large areas
The Prismacolor Plastic eraser is latex-free and erases with less mess
        Prismacolor Premier® Erasers
        Prismacolor Premier® Erasers